While We Live, We Serve - motto of Presbyterian College in South Carolina
A letter from Elaine Norman
Ralph Norman and Elaine Norman

Dear SC District 5 Voters:

My name is Elaine Norman, and Ralph and I have been married for 45 wonderful years.  With four children, their spouses, and our 17 grandchildren, our family has truly been blessed beyond measure.

Ralph has many wonderful attributes, but the one that I think exemplifies him the most is actually the motto of our alma mater, Presbyterian College, where Ralph and I met:

“While We Live, We Serve”

Ralph serves his Heavenly Father, his family, and his community.  He’s served countless constituents as a state legislator, and since 2017 has been honored to serve those in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District in Washington, DC.

Ralph has always felt this calling.  I’ve known he wanted to serve in public office since we were married, but he made the selfless decision to put that desire on the back burner and help raise our family.  Yet now I realize God’s plan behind all those years as a business and community leader.  It was to equip Ralph with the wisdom, experience, maturity, convictions and principles to serve effectively in elected office.

Publicly and in private, I have seen Ralph’s servant heart.  He is a dedicated Christian, husband, son, father, grandfather, brother, friend, leader and businessman.  Here’s what I want you to know about my husband:

  • He is PRO-FAMILY and PRO-LIFE. Just last year, we witnessed the miracle of life – the birth of our 16th grandchild!! Life truly begins at conception and Ralph believes that with all his heart;
  • He is Pro-Second Amendment. And for those Americans who choose to exercise this right, he is a strong proponent of safety and responsible ownership;
  • He is in favor of building the wall and removing criminal illegal immigrants from our country;
  • Ralph wants a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution;
  • He understands the need for a strong military;
  • And he also believes our government should be run more like a business.

Ralph is a doer, not a weak-kneed politician, and knows exactly how to put his experience and expertise to work for the people of our district.  He doesn’t just talk the talk, but rather walks the walk through his values: faith, integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty. Ralph has always been a good steward of money, and strongly devoted to serving his constituents.

Through our 43 years of marriage, I have trusted Ralph to make the right decisions for our family. He has never let me down, and he won’t let you down either. Ralph will continue to take care of the people in the 5th District, just like he’s taken care of our family.

I am proud to call Ralph Norman my husband, and my Congressman.  I hope you’ll consider joining me in voting to re-elect him Tuesday, November 8th.

Elaine Norman

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