Meet Ralph Norman

Ralph Norman is a life-long resident of South Carolina.  After graduating from Presbyterian College in 1975, he spent his private sector career with the property and construction company that his father founded, and helped grow that business into one of the foremost commercial real estate development firms in the region.

As a public servant, Ralph spent a total of 11 years in the South Carolina Statehouse before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2017.  In both Columbia and Washington, he’s earned a reputation as a strong, pro-family conservative who values fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

If you ask Ralph, however, he’ll tell you none of those accomplishments hold a candle to what he values most: his faith and his family.  He and his wife, Elaine, have been married for over 45 years, and together they have four married children and 17 grandchildren.  Ralph and Elaine are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill.

Ralph Norman with his grandchildren

His values

The truth is that conservative values have done far more to help our nation’s people and economy than feel-good liberal politics. Ralph is a no-nonsense conservative Republican who believes in:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
    Federal spending should be a wise and appropriate use of your hard-earned tax dollars.
  • Less Federal Government
    The 10th Amendments makes the rights of states very clear. Washington's influence should only increase when absolutely necessary.
  • Strong Families
    The benefits of strong, traditional American families cannot be overstated, and should be promoted and protected.
  • Strong National Defense
    The protection of our nation and citizens is the government's most important responsibility.
  • Fairness and Equal Opportunity
    We must always protect civil liberties and promote a fair society - one that is blind to race, nationality, gender, and religion.
  • Individual Liberty
    With proper safeguards, we should always promote personal responsibility, not government reliance.

Now Meet Elaine

Through all the years Ralph has devoted to public service, business, and family, it’s important to understand that an amazingly strong partner has been at his side the entire time.  Meet Elaine Norman, Ralph’s best friend and “better half.”

As if keeping up with 17 grandchildren weren’t enough, Elaine belongs to several civic and charitable organizations around our area, and you’ll also find her at many campaign events.  If you ever have a chance to meet Elaine, be sure to say hello.  She’s a great example of a supportive and loving spouse, mother, grandmother, and friend.  (Plus she has plenty of funny stories about Ralph!)

A letter from Elaine to voters in SC District 5
Ralph Norman and Elaine Norman

By the numbers

When it comes Ralph’s devotion to his family, business and public service, the numbers speak for themselves:

Years of Marriage
Ralph and Elaine have been happily married for over 45 years.
Ralph's 17 grandchildren lovingly refer to him as "Boppy."
Years of Business Experience
Over four decades in construction and real estate
Years of Elected Service
Including the SC Statehouse and US House of Representatives
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Ralph Norman and Elaine Norman

Endorsements for the 2020 Election

Community Involvement

In addition to the Rotary Club, York County Home Builders Association, and the Past President of the York County Board of Realtors, Ralph has also served on the Boards of Directors of:

  • Children's Attention Home
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way
  • YMCA of York County
  • Piedmont Medical Center
  • South State Bank
  • MUSC Board of Visitors
  • Winthrop Eagle Club

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