Ralph Norman speaking at a Memorial Day event in Tega Cay, South Carolina

Ralph Norman is standing strong.

Here are Ralph's position on our Second Amendment rights and the real roots of violence in our nation.
  • Every American should feel safe—regardless of where they live.
  • The existence of guns is not what causes evil people to behave violently.
  • Instead, our national crisis of violence is primarily a breakdown in moral and spiritual values.
  • Private citizens have a right to own weapons for the purpose of self-defense, subject to the laws of our nation and their state.

You need to get involved.

If left unchecked, the American Left will continue to try and chip away at our rights by demonizing firearms and mocking those who defend our Second Amendment. Ralph Norman will not stand for it! The bottom line is that gun control groups from New York to Arizona have now targeted South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, and are fundraising to try defeat him.  We must keep this seat in Congress in the hands of a Constitutional conservativeHere’s what you can do to help:


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