Ralph Norman speaking at a Memorial Day event in Tega Cay, South Carolina

Our Nation’s Issues

Every American wants great things for this county.  Where Republicans and Democrats disagree, however, is on the best ways to sustain what’s working well, while making progress on areas needing improvement.

Unfortunately, conservative viewpoints are routinely met with attacks from many directions: liberal politicians, the entertainment industry, social media, left-wing activists, and even many news organizations.  Those attacks are as relentless as they are misguided.

Below is a brief overview of Ralph’s position on various issues facing our federal government.  As you read though these, remember how important it is to have leaders who are firmly rooted in proven principles.  As a business owner, job creator, and someone who has served our community in both Columbia and Washington, Ralph has seen conservative principles benefit people from all walks of life.

Having that experience and wisdom in Washington is a great benefit for South Carolina and the 5th Congressional District.

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In large part, our skyrocketing inflation has been caused by the excessive government stimulus that Ralph has fought against. Compounding the problem is an inadequate response by the Federal Reserve.
Ralph Norman's position on immigration

Illegal Immigration

We are a nation of immigrants, and lawful immigration provides countless benefits to our country. However, an unsecured border is both reckless and dangerous.
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Law Enforcement

As one of the biggest advocates for our law enforcement officers, Ralph understands there must be mutual appreciation & respect between them and those they serve.
Ralph Norman's position on Social Security

Social Security

We have a responsibility to honor the promises made to our nation's seniors, while taking intelligent steps to protect the future of our younger generations.
Ralph Norman's position on infrastructure


With some exceptions, Ralph believes much of our infrastructure spending is actually better managed by state and local governments.
Ralph Norman's position on education


Most everyone agrees that education is best handled on the local and state level. However, federal resources can certainly help parents and educators in this critical endeavor.
Ralph Norman's position on the military


While we must be mindful of military spending, the protection of our nation will always be the federal government's most important responsibility.
Ralph Norman's position on foreign policy

Foreign Policy

Our allies must never question the United States' resolve or ability to do what's right. Nor should our enemies.
Ralph Norman talking with WWII war heroes


To our veterans: thank you. Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. You will always have a strong ally in Ralph Norman.
Ralph Norman's position on the Second Amendment

Second Amendment

Ralph understands the immense responsibility that comes with gun ownership. He also understands the reasons why our 2nd Amendment was ratified.
Ralph Norman's position on healthcare


The fallout from Obamacare was both predictable and avoidable. Americans deserve common sense, competition-based, free-market solutions that will put quality healthcare within reach of us all.
Ralph Norman's position on federal spending

Federal Spending

Federal spending is dangerously high, as is our national debt. Extraordinarily difficult days lie ahead for the United States if we cannot get this under control.