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For the Voters

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was an exciting time for South Carolina and our nation.  The economy and job growth were significantly improving.  Taxes had come down, and the quality of life for the majority of Americans was on the rise.

Our nation will soon restore that momentum.  To get there, we must continue to protect those who are vulnerable while finding ways to safely re-open our economy and restore our way of life.

To do that, we desperately need leaders who are guided by proven principles.  As a business owner, job creator, and someone who has served in both Columbia and Washington, I’ve seen firsthand how conservative, pro-growth, pro-family policies help this country do amazing things.  That’s exactly what we need to get our country moving forward again.

It is my privilege to fight the conservative fight – for South Carolina, our families, and our future.  I’d be honored to have your support for re-election on November 3rd.

Ralph Norman
Republican for U.S. Congress
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