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I pledge to uphold the following conservative principles & core beliefs that will make our district, state, and nation a better place to live and prosper. I will represent the people of District 48 by voting and proposing legislation that enhances the following ideals that I feel made America the strongest and greatest nation on earth. The litmus test I will use in evaluating legislation must successfully answer and address the following questions which embody our American spirit and foster our free enterprise system:

  Less Government - Does the bill tend to reduce government regulations, size of government, or eliminate entitlements or unnecessary programs?

  Lower Taxes - Does the bill promote individual responsibility in spending, or does it reduce taxes or fees?
Personal Responsibility - Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude or general welfare?

Individual Freedom - Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?
Stronger Families - Does the bill enhance traditional American family and its power to rear children without excessive interference from the government?

Domestic Tranquility and National Defense - Does the bill enhance American security without unduly burdening civil liberty?